Christophe Nowakowski, MD, is a psychiatrist in private practice working in clinical medico-legal evaluations and testimony in front of the courts. One category of clients that he works with extensively is people who have been psychologically affected by cults, particularly the second generation. This work is part of a more general interest in the stress spectrum disorders, including posttraumatic stress disorder, the dissociative disorders, and the effect of traumatic experiences early in life. Dr. Nowakowski works in Montreal and collaborates with Info-Cult. His direct clinical work with this clientele, as well as the necessity of explaining what is happening or has happened to them in court, put him in a situation to explore and explain the various theoretical models used to understand the process of undue influence and the clinical consequences of this process. In this context he has pondered the central phenomenon of beliefs in the life of those who are influenced by cults, as well as on methods to help the client re-examine them from a different perspective in psychotherapy.