Info-Cult offers a convenient research service from our on-site holdings. We have one of the most extensive collections in Canada of material on thousands of groups (religious, human potential, new age, therapeutic, spiritual, etc.) and subjects from various perspectives.

Our documentation center includes:

Over the years, we have established contacts with an extensive international network of individuals and private and public organizations. So, if we don't have the information in our center, there’s a very good chance we can find it for you.

Certain fees may apply.


Mike Kropveld, Founder and Executive Director of Info-Cult, has often been called upon for his experience and knowledge to help individuals, professionals and organizations.

He was a consultant on several media projects, such as: The Followers and Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond, produced by the National Film Board of Canada; Ticket to Heaven, a feature film based on the book, "Moonwebs", winner of the 1981 Genie Award for Best Movie of the Year; Coping With Cults, a 10 part course for high schools and youth groups. As well, Mike Kropveld has been used as a consultant on many documentaries (English and French) that have appeared on television around the world.

Mike Kropveld has testified, in Canada and the United States, as an expert witness on cult related criminal and civil cases and has been engaged by lawyers in numerous cases for research and case preparation. He has worked as a consultant on divorce, custody, property disputes and criminal cases in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has spoken, in Canada and internationally, to hundreds of professional and community groups on cultic phenomena and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs locally, nationally and internationally. He was awarded the 125th Commemorative Medal "in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada" by the Government of Canada (1992) and in 2007 he received the Herbert L. Rosedale Award from the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) "in recognition of leadership in the effort to preserve and protect individual freedom".

INFORMATION SERVICE TO BUSINESSES: Mike Kropveld has examined the practices of groups who offer courses which claim to increase a company's revenue. He has worked with management to investigate claims of "cult abuse" in businesses and can advise your business about the ethical practices of groups soliciting for grants or offering humanitarian sponsorship programs.

Certain fees may apply.


Info-Cult is available for training sessions and seminars on various topics for professionals in institutions and organizations dealing with clients or members of the public at large. We have organized training sessions for police, doctors, nurses, unions, businesses, lawyers, social workers, religious leaders, government employees and teachers.

Some of the topics we have covered in seminars:

  • How to scrutinize social and/or religious groups who seek your collaboration;
  • How to help an employee or client who is affected when a close friend or loved one joins a "cult";
  • How to inform your students and/or employees;
  • How to help former members of "cults" or abusive or overly controlling groups;
  • How to detect potential child abuse in groups.

Certain fees may apply.

For more information about these services or any other information contact us at:

5655 avenue du Parc, Suite 208
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2V 4H2
(514) 274-2333, Fax: (514) 274-7576

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