A documentary video on the cult phenomenon

Beyond the Mirage was created to raise awareness about the cult phenonmenon. Though most of us have some vague idea of what a cult is, we do not always know the extent of cults nor their impact on members and society in general.

Beyond the Mirage examines two cults, one with an Eastern approach and another that is apocalyptic. Through the stories of former cult members, the viewer will gain insight into what leads a person to join a cult and then eventually leave. Mike Kropveld, Executive Director of Info-Cult, and Linda James, psychologist and professor at Vanier College in Montreal, are also interviewed on their experience with and analysis of cultic thinking.

This video was made for the general public with a special focus on young people who are often the target of cult recruitment. It can be useful in providing information to community workers, professions, teachers and anyone who would like to know more about the issue.

Beyond the Mirage is both an education and preventive tool to sensitize the viewer to what makes people vulnerable to cults. A discussion guide comes with the video.

Directed by: Jorge Martinez
Produced by: Info-Cult and Vidéographe (1994)
22 minutes


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Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2V 4H2
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